Friday, 28th May (and royal wedding Day of Will and Kate....)

So here we are, the final round of the Euro League, 12 players, 5 helpers equals 17 happy Steelers in the warm Toledo. The journey started out at London's Heathrow Airport yesterday with a bit of a nightmare. Apparently communication can also be a problem between two big airlines in partnership, with tiny missing details such as 12 basketball chairs which Iberia wanted to charge with an extra £700. Assertive communication from Steelers resulted in a long waiting time and the re booking with British Airways, who really had all the space Steelers needed ;) The flight was smooth, the spanish Airport big and with train rides to the luggage and another waiting time for all luggage and chairs to arrive, the team made it safe to the Hotel at 8pm. 

We had a lovely meal (despite sitting next to an even better forbidden buffet), discovered the beauty of olive oil on bread roll and met a few of the legends of Europe's Wheelchair Basketball.

Today the games begin, 5 in total until Sunday. The team had a good breakfast so far and here we are, sitting in the lounge, waiting for the obligatory meeting and to get to the sports hall. Wish us luck!