Play Off's

Steelers have now officially finished a very successful season 2009/2010.

3 teams were represented in the Play Off finals. The Superleague Team played first Rhinos, then Owls. Both games were tough encounters and Steelers fought hard against theor oponents, showing skill and experience. Although both games were lost, the team battled and showed that they are competetive against teams with the majority of GB players.

The first Division Team came second in the finals, only being beaten narrowly by Wolverhampton Rhinos. The team played great basketball but was not able to compenstae the slow start of the game, where Rhinos were leading by 10 points. Final result Rhinos 55 - 50 Steelers.

Steelers second Division team was able to continue their season form and won both play off games, finishing top of the second division with all their games won. A fantastic achievement of a passionate young team. Steelers 3 are now promoted to the 1st Division, which is the second running promotion for the team. In division 1 they will meet tougher teams including team mates from Steelers 2.