Saturday evening. The team can look back to 3 wins and is looking forward to the last game tomorrow against the swiss Pilatus Dragons, who also have won all their games thus far. 

In particular Calum Gordon is having a very good tournament, dominates as a forward and enjoys being back in Europe after a 9 year break. Harry Brown's speed can not be met and he shows his potential as a upcoming high profile player.

The first game against the russian team BC Nevsky Alliance was won by 20 points. The big lead allowed all players some court time, and young player Mark Scholefield scored his first Euroleague points for Steelers on the buzzer at the finish of the game.

Today's first game against KIK Zmaj Gradacac from Bosnia Herzegovnia prooved to be tougher than expected and Steelers had to rely on the experience and strength of the starting five for most of the game. Darren Greenfield was fouled out in the third quarter of the game which had to be covered by Matt Wild, who so far also has an excellent tournament. Despite Kik gaining in confidence and managing to close the gap in points towards the last few minutes, Steelers won after 40 minutes by 3 points.

The last game of today was against the host team Sitting Bulls, and Steelers showed their full dominance in offence and defence with speed, agility and sharp thinking. Brown and Gordon picked up several points, passes seemed to fly from one end to the other and the Bulls could not match the high level of Steelers.

Unfortunately some players are suffering from injuries, but with 12 players, this does not put the team to the edge as it has grown to be strong and resource full. Let's see if this will bring the fourth win tomorrow.