With growing members at SSB Steelers it made sense to open up a new team this year, naturally starting in the Development League. The team consists of 7 players, 4 of them juniors and 2 players who started out a few months ago.   

Yesterday, they played their first game together against Leeds Spiders and won by 22 points. Chris Rainforth, who captained the team, showed a great performance as point guard and picked up several fast breaks, scoring 14 points in the game. Forwards Joe Williams, Stephen Birkby and Liam Twigg frequently got into the key with the help of guards Sultan Al-Esayi, Damian Delay, Dale Speight. The young team showed a remarkable defence team action and managed to keep the scoring of Leeds Spiders to a minimum. Andy Smith, main threat of the Spiders scored 24 of the 26 points, Spiders got on the day, while for Steelers Liam and Chris scored 14 each and Joe Williams topped for the team with 18 points. Stephen Birkby contributed his first national league basket. Final score: 26-48 for SSB Steelers 5.