SSB Steelers AGM 2010

35 members of the club took part in the Annual General Meeting of the SSB Steelers Wheelchair Basketball Club. The existing committee was re-elected and won 2 more people on board with Steve Birkby, one of the newer members and players of Steelers and Jonathan Toogood, Steelers supporter. Also, Steve Ryan moved into the role of vice chairman.

The current committee of Steelers consists of:

Colin Price - Chairman

Steve Ryan - Vice Chairman

Jo Harper - Treasurer

Jessica Pilkington - Secretary

Tina Gordon

Mick Waring

Steve Birkby

Jonathan Toogood

The club members discussed ideas, looking at both positives and things to improve. Long term member, player, coach, committee member and supporter Ken James received recognition and a big Thank you for his support in so many areas to help bringing the club, where it is now.

Also, the AGM 2010 marked the second year for player awards: Jack Waring received an award for the most improved player, while Joe Caudwell and Manja Wolfram received the player of the year award, both in their category for male and female player. 

  Sultan Al-Esayi, 14 years old was awarded with the Achievement of the Year, for his           consistent training and committing attitude to the sport and SSB Steelers. After a number   of years training week after week, he started to hit the 10ft baskets.

  It is fair to say that the club has grown in recent years in members, activities, sports           achievement and competitiveness in the UK and Europe, but most of all in passion for           wheelchair basketball. 




   Junior Sultan Al-Esayi